Scandia Camp Mendocino
June 15-22, 2002


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__Dancer(s) ($525 per person)

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__ Work Scholarship(s) ($300 per person)

__I am applying to Scandia Camp Mendocino for the first time, please enter me in the $50 discount drawing

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Make checks payable to Scandia Camp Mendocino, and mail with this application to:

Scandia Camp Mendocino, 393 Gravatt Dnve, Berkeley, CA 94705

Include 2 legal self-addressed, stamped envelopes plus this application.

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Please send information about Scandia Carnp Mendocino to:


Note: Scandia Camp Mendocino offers five $50 registration discounts to participants attending for the first time. A11 registrations from new Scandia Campers' received by January 15, 2002 will be put into a drawing for the discounts. Winners will be notified.