We Need Your Help

The Northern California Spelmanslag(NCS) is a non-profit public benefit corporation which aims to promote Scandinavian music, dance and culture through special work-shops, regular meetings, concerts and performances. We also publish the Northern California Spelmanslag News.

We need your help with three things:

1. Cleaning up our mailing list.  We need to make sure that eeryone on our mailing list really wants the newsletter, and that we are not wasting funds on postage to incorrect addresses.  You must return the form gelow to remain on the list: that's the only way we can weed out the black holes.

2. Identify topics you would like covered in the newsletter. What do you look for and enjoy in the News? What should be there that isn’t now? Are you interested in writing for the News?

3. Consider a tax-deductible contribution to the NCS. Although not required to be on our mailing list, we’d appreciate at least enough of a contribution to cover the cost of printing and mailing the News. If you can and wish to contribute more, it will help us sponsor workshops, concerts and other events.

You must return the form below to remain on the mailing list.

Please check the relevant items, fill in address information and return to:

Northern California Spelmanslag
321 McKendry
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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I would enjoy seeing articles in the News about (or general suggestions):

Contact me about writing for the News.

I can help financially, and have enclosed a tax-deductible contribution in
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(A donation is not required to receive the News, but is much appreciated.)



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